GHL Style Hotel Belvedere

The GHL Style Belvedere Hotel offers a superior quality hotel stay on the 100th street in Bogota, an ideal location for visiting all the most exclusive malls, shops, art galleries ... in the capital of Colombia.
This hotel in the north of Bogota invites you to relax in comfortable and fully-equipped room with high quality services and facilities. The GHL Style Belvedere Hotel also offers free Wi-Fi throughout the hotels, restaurant, room service, business center, car park, event rooms, 24-hour medical assistance ...
Book your hotel on 100th Street in Bogota now and enjoy the comfort, quality and service offered by GHL Hotels. Book on the official website of the GHL Style Belvedere Hotel and we guarantee you our best rates and promotions for all your reservations.

Outstanding services at GHL Style Hotel Belvedere


"Reasonably priced for the servicis that inclued. It's not my first time at this hotel, and it wont be the last. All my stays at there it were so good!"

Type of trip: Individual
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Best location

Located in one of the best residential areas of the city, close to the most exclusive shopping centers, boutiques, parks and green areas...

Carrera 17 A # 100 - 16 Bogota, Colombia
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GHL Style Hotel Belvedere Bogota