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The GHL Style Belvedere Hotel is a city hotel on 100th street, near the upscale “Zona Rosa” in Bogota, home to all the entertainment options, restaurants, stores, and some of the most renowned shopping malls in the city. In addition, the hotel is just 10 minutes walk from Parque de la 93 and the Usaquén district and 30 minutes drive from El Dorado International Airport in Bogota.


Best location

Located in one of the best residential areas of the city, close to the most exclusive shopping centers, boutiques, parks and green areas...

Carrera 17 A # 100 - 16 Bogotá, Colombia
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Touristic attractions

  • Casa Club Colombia GHL Style Hotel Belvedere Bogotá

    Casa Club Colombia

  • El Dorado International Airport GHL Style Hotel Belvedere Bogotá

    El Dorado International Airport

  • Parque de la 93 GHL Style Hotel Belvedere Bogotá

    Parque de la 93

  • La Candelaria GHL Style Hotel Belvedere Bogotá

    La Candelaria